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What you need to know about Stilnox

Stilnox is one of the most popular sleep-inducing drugs. In the United States it is marketed as Ambien and in most parts of the world it is known as Zolpiderm, derived from its main active ingredient, Zolpidem tartrate. It is the properties of this compound that allow Stilnox to bind and activate specific regions of the brain responsible for sleep.

This medicine is used to help people who are sleep deprived and can only be prescribed by licensed doctors. It is very important to get enough information on how and when to take the drug because its abuse can lead to unwanted ailments.


Before administering the drug, a survey of the patient’s medical history should be done to identify existing bodily conditions that might be sensitive to this drug. These can include chronic illnesses, such as liver and lung problems.

A patient taking Stilnox cannot consume alcohol or already have it in the blood before taking this remedy. The patient is recommended to open up about their medical issues and prescriptions even if it is in the past.

Other problems worth mentioning include sleep disorders, for example sleep apnea, and muscle problems like myasthenia gravis. A patient is advised to

Who else cannot take Stilnox?

Unfortunately, Stilnox cannot be a viable option for babies and teenagers as no testing has been done for these age groups. If you are underage and need sleeping pills, doctors can offer you suitable alternative medications. This also extends to pregnant women. They are forced to refrain from taking the drug as it could seriously discourage the development of the child in the womb. Women who aspire to become pregnant and those who are breastfeeding are no exception in this regard. They should take it in consultation with a doctor who can explain the vulnerabilities of their conditions and offer an alternative solution.

The downside of sleep treatments for pregnant/breastfeeding women is that they expose the fetus or infant to this powerful drug which, when in the mother’s bloodstream, can easily pass to the baby. By talking with a doctor, other safe solutions can be put in place.

What to do before taking the medicine

It is in the patient’s best interest to open up about their existing medical issues and allergies. This allows the doctor to properly assess the patient’s eligibility to take the drug. Other seemingly lesser issues like snoring and lifestyles like alcoholism and drug addiction should be mentioned. No stone should be left unturned! Anything involving mental disorders, depression or epilepsy should be known to the doctor, including associated treatments. Drugs are chemical substances that should not mix arbitrarily in the blood without the knowledge of the doctor. They could have negative effects if mixed with certain medications.

How to take the drug and dosage

Stilnox is known to be a very potent drug with a dosage of 10mg per tablet. Adults are recommended to take one pill daily just before bedtime. It is forbidden to take the drug during the day as this can lead to drowsiness, loss of concentration and, as a result, injury, especially if you drive or work with dangerous equipment. After taking the drug at night, the patient should have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and in any case, do not take two doses in one night.

Due to the higher strength of each dose, doctors recommend that patients aged 65 and over take half a tablet every night. This should also be the case in patients with liver disorders. In some cases, doctors may prescribe different doses of the drug, but note that they should never exceed 10mg per day. It is important to follow the instructions and ask the doctor wherever there is a need for clarity in order to avoid irreversible complications. If a patient forgets to take their daily dose and remembers when it is late, it is advisable to skip that day.

Whenever taking the drug, the patient should swallow the pill immediately with a full glass of water just before sleeping. Falling asleep is fast especially on a less full stomach.

Recommended treatment period with Stilnox

Sleep deprivation medication with Stilnox should not be used for longer than one month, unless advised by a doctor. If signs of an allergic reaction appear, stop immediately and consult a doctor and never take expired medicines.

Drug overdose

Stilnox drugs should not be taken in excess as this has adverse health effects. Overdose may cause drowsiness to varying degrees leading to coma. When receiving treatment for other health conditions, the patient should mention the Stilnox prescription to doctors if they are taking any, especially if there are any pending surgical procedures. Taking overdoses each time amplifies the possibility of side effects and could amplify the associated discomfort. In case of overdose, contact the doctor immediately or go to the nearest medical center. This should be done even when the victim is stable and has no pain or discomfort.


Side effects of Stilnox

Like any other medication, when you take Stilnox you may experience side effects. These effects can be serious, although they are usually minor and manageable. With Stilnox, it is imperative for the patient to open up about their medical history, allergies, and other prescriptions they take to the doctor before taking this drug.

This drug can cause several side effects, including exhaustion, depression, runny stomach, drowsiness, headache, abdominal pain, delirium, weak muscles, acute sleep deprivation, and headache. back. The patient may also become prone to nasal infections. Less common harmful effects of taking this drug are behavioral changes such as nervousness, easy temper, etc.

These behavioral side effects put the patient’s safety concerns on hold when they begin to show amnesia-like symptoms. The patient suffers from short-term memory loss and can carry out daily activities such as cooking, eating, bathing, cleaning, or having sex, but cannot remember afterwards. Alcohol consumption is strongly frowned upon as it aggravates side effects, especially that of sleepwalking. Most of all the highlighted side effects may or may not prevail at the normal recommended dose of the drug, but if the dose exceeds the recommended daily intake, it could increase their influence.

Alcoholic patients are more likely to become addicted to sleep-inducing drugs. The possibility is still high even if the addiction to drugs or alcohol happened in a very old way. It is important to notify the doctor before proceeding with Stilnox. There are rare side effects that could occur that require immediate attention, namely fainting, swelling of the face or throat. If you experience these allergic reactions to the drug and you should seek urgent medical attention.


As mentioned above, side effects may or may not happen to a patient, so there is no need to worry. Usually, sleep-inducing drugs should be taken between 2 and 4 weeks, unless otherwise directed by the doctor. Upon discontinuation of drug use, a patient may be susceptible to withdrawal symptoms which may include sweating, abdominal pain, nausea, and muscle cramps. Insomnia may get worse for a short time after stopping, however, you should discuss this with your doctor.


Storage room

The medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place under 30 O C. It is always safe to place it beyond the reach of children, preferably somewhere that can be locked and slightly above the ground . Leaving the tablets in places like the car could affect the medicine due to high humidity and high temperatures.


After discontinuation of use or expiry of the tablets, ask the doctor what to do with the leftovers or simply return them.


How to buy Stilnox online?

The internet is flooded with tons of online pharmacies selling Stilnox. However, not all of them are genuine and if you don’t do your due diligence you will get counterfeits or they will steal your credit card. Although it is quite convenient to order Stilnox online than going to the physical pharmacy, nowadays it is not safe to buy cheap Stilnox online anymore.

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